A machine to generate drinking water from humidity

A machine to generate drinking water from humidity

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This innovative machine that generates drinking water from ambient humidity, is removable and can work with conventional electrical energy or with renewable energy.

The most vulnerable and remote areas of the country will be the beneficiaries of this project, which deals with the manufacture of an intelligent, low-cost device to produce more than 200 liters of clean water per day, from the condensation of environmental humidity.

The founder of Inventum, César Coasaca, said that this revolutionary machine called Pukio adapts with high efficiency to the geographical and atmospheric conditions of any city in the world.

How does it work?

Through an intelligent system that cools the air and condenses the water vapor, this prototype uses various filters to generate clean water.

"We seek to cool the air to a dew point and lower its temperature as far as possible in order to be able to produce as much water as possible," the researchers noted.

Future plans

César Coasaca pointed out that they are seeking to perfect the Pukio prototype in order to generate more than 20 thousand liters of water per day.

The expert reported that they plan to connect the prototype to a network of climate and soil monitoring sensors, to promote efficient agriculture that will help improve crop yields and prevent pests.

"This water generator will adapt to various environments and is connected to a climate and soil monitoring system that, through sensors installed in the fields, provides relevant information on the climatic conditions that will contribute to improving the performance of the crops. harvests and the timely prevention of pests, ”he said.

Source: https://larepublica.pe/

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