Towards the Phoenix Plan or continue with more of the same

Towards the Phoenix Plan or continue with more of the same

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By Hugo Alberto de Pedro

In Argentina, if for a moment we could stop the whirlwind of events in the country and design a sustainable and lasting solution, another could be the way out of the crisis in which we find ourselves.

We have spent half a century of marches and counter-marches that the only thing that has caused is greater deterioration to society and its economy, they have been generating increasingly peremptory processes and whose consequences are difficult to measure in numbers, but as a society presents a resounding decline in the expectations that allow the elaboration of a country project.

Wandering and destructive state policies have led us to an impressive loss of credibility that keeps all economic factors disjointed from one another: government, business and workers. The forgotten guiding responsibility of national governments, previous and current, is the main cause of this situation, since only from a national project that incorporates all sectors would it be possible not to fall into discontent and discontent, irreducibly causing some Always the same ones, take advantage of this situation to carry out ephemeral businesses in all cases, very profitable and harmful for the entire population.

We know that what allows the growth of an economy is a reasonable and equitable distribution of national income, this being the one that allows the development of internal and external markets on the basis of the strengthening of local productive capacities.

Returning to the culture of work, production, the healthy accumulation of capital and development is the challenge of these times, with a world that moves at a dizzying speed only conceives of having serious ideas and projects for economic growth. We cannot allow all of our problems to continue to be patched up with competitiveness agreements that only allow us to further distort tax policy. Abandoning the speculative financial culture that drives our system is therefore imperative.

The potentialities of our land and its inhabitants cannot be ignored when designing a Nation profile and that is where active policies allow development and growth in search of a fairer and more balanced well-being.

We know that the opportunities, in an extremely globalized world, are endless as well as the struggle to obtain and achieve them. The serious, competitive, consensual and transparent decisions that allow the greatest number of pieces in the economic and social game are those that enable the empowerment of businesses and their subsequent development, since there is a commitment from the whole.

As a country and a product of impositions, we have looked for paths that have been opposed to what the world currents of development marked, that to name them would be a matter of an analysis beyond extensive, and whose conclusion would be that they were totally wrong since they did not contribute to the improvement of the situation. On the contrary, they have aggravated the deterioration and caused crises that are increasingly difficult to resolve, becoming real grievances to the community.

For example, we have the issue of external indebtedness that through the different economic measures taken since 1976, today we find ourselves in a situation of financial catastrophe that has no solution with the directions taken. The definitive solution that the foreign debt has, as understood by many and among whom I include myself, has two ways that must be taken jointly: Legal: that allows establishing the true debt and rejecting the one that has been contracted irregularly; Financial-Economic: establishing a rescheduling and moratorium with a period of at least five years of grace to be able to redirect the national economy as a whole and that allows meeting the maturities from a true creation of resources. These measures will return to the Argentine State the seriousness and international credibility and will free us from the whims of the internal and external "financial agents" who have little interest in our country complying, but rather depending on the recipes of international credit organizations such as until the present. That despite their congratulations they have caused their non-compliance and this level of general degradation.

In September 2001, academics, intellectuals and economists from our country summoned by the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, have carried out a work called "Towards the Phoenix Plan" giving a serious answer to the central problems of the Argentine economy.

From the Government it has been ignored and unsurprisingly disqualified by Mr. Cavallo (Minister of Economy) who thought that "They are ideas of the nineteenth century", surely because they do not start from the "Foundations" that have been in charge of management for many years. internal and external of the national treasury.

An Executive Power that turns a deaf ear to what professionals, researchers and teachers from the public and national university level think and propose, will always end up dominated by the opinion of very few who are surely more concerned about their businesses or the businesses of those who support them. in power and impose a single discourse. The lack of respect and consideration in attending to an independent and interdisciplinary opinion from the academic cloisters, as is the aforementioned work, should put us once again on alert of what is happening with the management of public affairs and what will continue to persist with the prevailing scheme, which loses no opportunity to convince us that it is the only viable one. A great lie without a doubt.

This terrible error, not yet corrected either by the political class by not demanding its public consideration, as are the proposals and conclusions issued from the university perspective, which are not the product of secret meetings of the National Government officials in hotels abroad. namely, public opinion with whom or who maintained for the supposed purpose of fixing the national economy, becomes an unseemly message for the country, because it is precisely from economic thought that ideas of change are born. These proposals are intended to make a serious change in policies in the medium and long term, abandoning the hegemonic criteria that are imposed on us as the only valid ones.

However, I trust that political, social, worker and business organizations allow the study and criticism of this type of proposals that seek the design of a different country and that the National Congress will give place to their discussion, because it is required by a reality with economic decline, greater unemployment, decreased national income, closure of companies, destruction of regional economies, contempt for Latin American economic integration, enhancement of precariousness: malnutrition - infant mortality - illiteracy - marginalization, bankruptcies of companies in all countries sectors, the destruction of everything public: health - education - research; that along with so many other problems that citizens do not want and that we are surely not willing to continue tolerating. We are already tired of more of the same.

October 30, 2001

* Hugo Alberto de Pedro
CI Nº 9786642 [email protected]

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