Terrorism and Imperialism: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Terrorism and Imperialism: Two Sides of the Same Coin

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By Dr. Oscar Natalichio

The United States, after more than 20 years (1978-99) of growing at an annual rate of 3.0%, had been experiencing, since the end of 2000, a sharp deceleration of

its economy that manifested itself fundamentally in a drastic decrease in the rate of growth and in a growing increase in unemployment.

Something similar had happened before with Japan, which in the decade 1978-88 showed an annual growth of 3.8%, falling to 2.1% for the decade 1988-98 and entering the stagnation and paralysis of its economy since 2000.

The efforts of the United States to solve its irremediable crisis were aimed at consolidating its situation as an exploiting and imperialist country through the application of a policy whose culmination was the annexation of dependent countries, especially those of Latin America and the Caribbean. At the center of that policy and as a key stage, was the FTAA.

But the process of deterioration of the US economy had been unleashing faster than the possibility for them of append to Latin America via FTAA, since voices of protests and strong movements were raised in the different towns in order to prevent their nations from disappearing as such and with it the rest of national companies and businesses that, once? integrated? should they compete? freely? with monopolies from the head of the empire.

The American economy was entering a crossroads. No time to wait and no conditions to speed up the annexation process that would allow it to further plunder its colonies. And the ghost of becoming another Japan haunts the minds of the Yankee imperialists like a nightmare.

And they compute an even bigger nightmare: Communist China. This silent and enigmatic country has been growing without pause and without crisis. In the decade 1978-88 it registered an annual growth rate of 9.8%, in the decade 1988-98 it was 9.4% and during the years 2000 and 2001 they maintained a rate higher than 7%. This rate means, nothing more and nothing less, that the total wealth that a country produces in one year, that is, its GDP (gross domestic product) will be, in fifteen years, higher in China than in the United States. China would become the first country in the world in GDP at purchasing power parity. That is, the first world power.

These two nightmares, which tend to mistreat the most reactionary sectors of Yankee imperialism, cannot be resolved peacefully. Imperialism could never solve terminal crises peacefully. The two world wars prove it, the multiple regional conflicts created, armed and financed by this imperialism prove it. The most terrorist and bloodthirsty country on earth needs terror to consolidate the power of the monopolies and keep their profit quota high. It is the country that did not comply with disarmament, that does not comply with any international agreement and that today? Spends? 2.5 billion dollars diaries in its industry and military adventure, aggravating the living conditions of all humanity.

But the? Hawks? they had to solve some questions such as: how to embark people in a conflict? war? How to count on the unconditional approval of the population for an adventure of this nature? How to make an? Enemy?

It is obvious that it was necessary to have an event of such a nature, of such brutality, of such magnitude, that it would be capable of causing a great commotion in the American population and in the world population and that simultaneously serve to try to stop the growing anti-globalization movement that prevents the imperialists from meeting in public and curbing the growing anti-imperialism of the Latin American peoples that is expressed in the movements of the landless, in Chiapa, in the piqueteros. Also to eliminate the Colombian guerrillas and to conspire against the Venezuelan government and to continue their terrorist attacks against Cuba.

It is obvious that it was necessary to have something superior to the self-attack that destroyed the ship in the port of Havana or the one that allowed the United States to justify its entry into the Vietnam War. Both of his own authorship.

The deep crisis into which it is rapidly entering had to be resolved while China had to be stopped in its growth. The crisis, solving it now, China required positioning itself in some key, strategic territory, close to its borders and close to the sources of energy, oil and gas supply: Afghanistan. And that Afghanistan, of 22 million inhabitants, with an income? Per capita? of less than 800 dollars a year at purchasing power parity, with a life expectancy of 50 years, without technology, without resources, without the possibility of defending himself, he is attacked by the world's greatest power and its allies in the G7. Possibly never humanity registers such an embarrassing fact as this. Thousands of bombs and missiles launched against unarmed and malnourished women, children and the elderly. The bloody state terrorism, led by the greatest genocide in history, the United States, which claims the right to continue murdering whoever and wherever it wants, must produce the most energetic repudiation of all international citizenship, of every man and woman worthy. The globalizers of misery and the slow death of peoples have become the globalizers of misery and their rapid extermination. This new fascism must be defeated. Life must prevail over death. And only the unity of the peoples mobilized against him will be able to stop him.

Debating who were the authors of the savage attack on the twin towers is not the transcendental thing. Who they were; Osana Bin Laden's fundamentalists, or the market fundamentalists via self-attack, pursued the same goal. The Bin Ladens were business and political partners of the Bushes. Businesses and banks on the one hand and criminal actions on the other. Bin Laden operated as a CIA agent and his mission was to defeat and exterminate progressive Afghans, those who let women heal if they were sick, study if they wanted, go out without hiding from the light. With weapons, money and training from the US, Bin Laden and the Taliban took over Afghanistan, assassinated free-spirited men and imposed a medieval and terror regime.

Therefore, discussing authorship is not transcendental. On both ends is the same hand. And the real fact is that the attack on the twin towers creates that? Commotion? necessary for imperialism to promote its most aggressive face with massive support from the population, a necessary and sufficient condition. Company shares fell, but military industry shares rose and the business of recovering the economy through an economy of? War? he begins to walk over the more than six thousand corpses that justify it. Innocent victims, products of terror, which are used after death to deepen that terror.

The collapse of the Soviet Union and the socialist bloc makes the United States believe that they can dispose of the whole world. That they can establish what to do without knowing the international organizations that they themselves have created, ignoring the justice that they have declared to respect, training and hiring new murderers, new genociders and incorporating the right to kill without asking and to disappear without explaining.

And it is true, and today it is noticed more than ever, that the loss of bipolarity is a tragedy for the peoples. It makes things more complex and expensive but does not make it impossible for that.

Terrorism must be stopped in any part of the world and whatever its characteristics, be it individual, group or state. Terrorism is not a revolutionary path. Terrorism was always, in essence, the path of the most reactionary, backward, and savage sectors, who used it to justify the repression of the exploiters of the peoples.

In our country, state terrorism took the lives of more than 30 thousand people, consolidated a disgraceful regime that condemns millions of compatriots to misery and marginalization and kills more than 50 children daily. In our country, the genocidal terrorists tried to accuse the national liberation fighters as terrorists, those who had the legitimate right to defend the nation from those who handed it over to the monopolies. They accused trade union delegates, student delegates, women, children, the elderly, political and social activists as terrorists. But the only, savage and filthy terrorists were only them, the Videlas, the Masera, those who assassinated Salvador Allende, those who invaded Santo Domingo, Granada, Nicaragua and blew up the Cuban plane full of young athletes. Because those who fight for liberation and social justice are not terrorists, as San Martín, Bolívar, Martí, and Artigas were not.

The peoples of the world, the governments that may have some trait of dignity and courage, must prevent the terrorism of the most powerful and cruel state in the world from leading to a war where millions of innocents will die, where millions will suffer even more, where nations disappear under the dictation of a single center of power, owner of the goods and lives of all humanity. Millions of deaths just for the US to regain its industry, to create a base in Afghanistan to control China and oil, is a disgraceful cost that humanity must not pay and must avoid.




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