Goblins, unruly, in the Pollinator Gardens, makers of Humus and Coexistence

Goblins, unruly, in the Pollinator Gardens, makers of Humus and Coexistence

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By Dominique Guillet

The vast majority of modern agricultural varieties that suck on water, suck on synthetic inputs, and suck on pesticides, produce not only toxic foods but also foods that are defective in food elements; which defective varieties, indirectly, generate the fortune of the food supplement industries that, under the auspices of the Codex Alimentarius, will find themselves under the cut of the multinational pharmaceutical companies, “protection” of the consumer obliges. Hence the equation: modern agronomy = malnutrition + poison.

Titanic Agricultural

We are all refugees from an immense planetary ecological catastrophe, whose onslaught is causing the biosphere to be inexorably dying: desertification, soil erosion, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, rarefaction of fresh water, pollution of the water table, excessive pollution of human and animal organisms by chemical pollutants, etc., etc. The Titanic Agrícola is sinking and is wrecking the entire biosphere in its wreck.

Considering that:

- Agrochemicals poisoned the soils, the waters, the air, and the food born from its deadly agriculture; which makes the fortune of the multinational chemical companies. With the complicity of the western states.

- Agrochemicals confiscated the living part (patents, biopiracy, theft of genetic resources locked up in seed "banks" that are not accessible to the public); whose confiscation makes the fortune of the multinationals of the seeds. With the complicity of the western states.

- For a century, the entire agronomic search has been directed towards the creation of captive markets (F1 hybrids, clones and transgenic chimeras), towards the promotion of synthetic agriculture (with varieties that do not "work" without the "complements" of chemical inputs), towards the promotion of intensive irrigation systems and above all with the creation, since 1905, of purpose-made agricultural varieties highly susceptible to numerous pathologies (see the works of the Canadian agronomist Raúl Robinson “Return to Resistance ”); Weak varieties that make the fortune of the pesticide maker mob. With the complicity of western states and “public investigation” organizations such as INRA (if we consider at least the managers who have presided over its activities since its creation, since there is of course a minority of rebels throughout structure even those of the State).

- The vast majority of modern agricultural varieties that suck on water, suck on synthetic inputs, and suck on pesticides, produce not only toxic foods (which, generating cancers and other pathologies, make the fortune of the pharmaceutical industries) but also, due to to an inconsiderate varietal selection, they produce defective foods in nutritional elements; Which defective varieties, indirectly, generate the fortune of the food supplement industries that, under the auspices of the Codex Alimentarius, will find themselves under the cut of the multinational pharmaceutical companies, “protection” of the consumer obliges. Hence the equation: modern agronomy = malnutrition + poison. For more information see, for example, the study carried out by the USDA and the University of Texas, referring to several decades and 43 species of vegetables.

- The Machiavellianism of the multinational seed companies goes as far as proposing varieties resistant to "climatic warming", to seizures of the same nature and to drought after having destroyed or confiscated the vast majority of traditional and resistant genetic resources. (The “agronomists”, after having performed the feat of transforming corn, a C 4 plant and resistant to drought, into a chimera thirsty for water that requires 1000 to 1500 liters to produce 1 kilo of dry grain, propose us their new varieties manipulated to resist, supposedly, the rarefaction of water!)

- Organic farming is officially and legally contaminated by genetic chimeras.

- Despite the "promises" of the State (a political practice that allows decaying democracies to last for dozens of years) to limit pesticides in agriculture, everything is done to do nothing and the circus has lasted for years: pesticides made from fermented extracts are not yet "released" for use by gardeners (and farmers as well).

- The first waves of the food tsunamis are already here, reshaping the territories and causing even more suffering.

- They are the same multinationals that control seeds, agrochemicals, pesticides, pharmacy, food supplements ...

- It will have taken only two centuries for Western society two centuries of intensive agriculture and industrialization to plunder the biosphere.

Little Kokopellis to the assault of the Necro-Codex

Le Farmacopea (codex) Alimentarius, which the multinationals of chemistry, pharmacy and the agri-food industry have been cooking us over low heat for dozens of years, is almost ready. And nobody raises any objection whatsoever! Inspired by our mentor Jean Pierre Berlan, we had dared, in spring 2007, to the neologism "necro-fuel" that had then circulated abundantly in the press to characterize the gigantic agrofuel scam. In this spring of 2009, can we dare to the neologism "Necro-Codex"? Because it is about this: it is a Codex Mortiferus and not Alimentarius, who is going to play the death toll of some last freedoms that the owners of the multinationals will leave to their slave peoples. And the mischievous devils of blowing in our ears that this codex could manifest itself under numerous Pan-European vicissitudes! (Generate a Races Overrun System whispers a little Latin imp; and why no Kokodex, a naughty imp exclaims!).

The funnel who was the symbol of the madness of a certain governance during the mischievous years of the ancestor Grenelle, couldn't it be the symbol of the "Nécro-Codex"? The genetic funnel, firstly, a symbol of the genetic narrowing of food species and of varietal diversity within species, and then the fattening funnel, a symbol of the blatant contempt of multinationals against the peoples who poison with food altered generators of epidemic obesity.

The Codex Alimentarius is the system that is going to rot our Life in pay of its old New World Order, of its new "Global Alliance for Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition" (preached by MOMA, and other groups of food terrorism ) and his "New Deal Ecologique Mondial" preached by the UN, the "gossip" paid for by the great powers whose impotence to limit the bombs that civilian populations receive in the head, will surely be to the extent of their impotence to limit the Authorities in their inclination to impose on the peoples a new world totalitarianism, be it ecological.

Goblins, unruly, in the Gardens

Hunter-gatherers have lived on this planet for a million years (and possibly longer, based on what is known)

There are thousands and possibly tens of thousands of food and medicinal plants on this planet.

Agriculture lasted for 10 or 15,000 years, (according to what is known), and peasants, women, gardeners and gardeners, created, from these wild food plants, hundreds of thousands of varieties of wheat, corn , rice, tomatoes, chillies, potatoes, etc. Without agronomists, without agricultural technicians, without GNIS, without INRA, without DGAL, without AFSSA, without agricultural chambers, without Unigrain, without Agricultural Credit, without Cirad, without Cemagref, without the Bio Agency, etc, etc. (There are tens and tens).

Considering all these facts, and in calm optimism in the face of the potential genius of humanity to work in coevolution with the Mother Earth, the Kokopelli Association has the extreme pleasure, with all mischief and rebellion, of launching its new campaign "Imps, Rebels , in the gardens. Pollinators, Humus Makers and Good Coexistence "

We agree that it is a whole program, but after 17 years of hard work, cheating, annoyance, and process, the moment has come for us to promote playful gardening. And in certain early peoples, Kokopelli, the Troubadour, the Dissident, the Heretic, is he not also "Magister Ludi", such the mythological cicada of the Hopis?

The Kokopelli Association therefore invites gardeners, market gardeners, peasants (and, why not, thousands: the more we are imp, the more we laugh) to riot and play in the gardens. Let us imagine (as a little imp from the Ediciones del Souffle d'Or suggested to us one day) what would happen to the speech of certain political people when the individuals who would make up the audiences, one by one, would burst into laughter with beating jaws and they would leave the room in all hilarity. Let's leave those people, indeed, with their nonsense!

Very beautiful image of a festive insubordination

- The Authorities prohibit the old varieties: let's spread them by gift and exchange.

- The Authorities prohibit certain medicinal plants: let's make them grow in the gardens.

- The Authorities prohibit fermented extracts to process natural insecticides, or any information in relation to these processes: let us circulate the recipes in all homes and circulate the genetic resources (comfrey, nettles, horsetail) necessary for their elaboration.

The Authorities, and their vegetable policemen, will never have the capacity to control, to legislate, to codify, to spy on tens of thousands of gardens and so many little devils with funny humus.

Let's spread playful riots in all the gardens. Let's multiply the territories of insubordination. Make the Humus and not the war! Faced with the grisaille of the verbal shrapnel of pathetic buffoons, let us be fertile, colored and biodiverse Humuseurs!

- It is with this idea in mind that we decided to invite Tom Wagner in France, a brilliant creator of hundreds of varieties of tomatoes and potatoes, in order to animate a cycle of formations (and to distribute genetic resources to a very vast).

- It is with this idea in mind that we wish to disseminate varieties of annual cereals and even introduce varieties of perennial cereals, among which perenniality and resilience make them biomass plants par excellence, for the use of humic fertility.

- It is with this idea in mind that we wish to introduce Andean tubers and other Amerindian plants on which passionate fans have been working for dozens of years.

- It is with this idea in mind that we want to promote the searches of those who are called in English "free-breeders", who work in public domain goods at the service of nutrition and autonomy. For lack of term appropriate in French, the Kokopelli Association proposes to translate the concept of free-breeders "by pollinators" or by "pollinators". The term "obtenedor" seems to us tainted, in effect, by an entire terrorist-legalist connotation (upov-molotov and company) and above all by the arrogance of modern agronomy that tries to make Nature spit what it does not want to give readily.

Some will possibly reply to us that "devils, rebels, pollinators, humusers, and other Kokopollinators", this is not very serious. Undoubtedly the same as those who told us, more than ten years ago, that "Kokopelli", this made Italian, poetic, metaphysical and tutti quanti.

Magnificent: indeed, all we ask of the Authorities is not to take ourselves too seriously.

We just want to play with the worms, the little bees, the pollen of the flowers of tomatoes and potatoes, with the wind, the stinging nettles and the little devils that hide under the mushrooms ...

Little clandestine imp, who prepare the destinies of the clans and the plants that will come from the Tribes of the Future.

Rebels or Mutants, it is up to the peoples to choose. Now.

Dominique Guillet, by Associacion Kokopelli - Translation of René Molteni

Video: Attracting Pollinators to the Fall Garden - - Bees and Butterflies (July 2022).


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