Meeting of Doctors of Fumigated Towns

Meeting of Doctors of Fumigated Towns

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The 1st National Meeting of Medicxs of Fumigated Peoples

In order to generate a space for academic and scientific analysis and reflection on the health status of the fumigated peoples, and to listen and contain the members of the health teams who have been denouncing and facing this problem, the Faculty of Medical Sciences of The UNC, through two of its chairs (Medicine I and Pediatrics), convened this 1st Meeting.

The Public University has the obligation to scientifically study the living and working conditions together with the health, social, economic and cultural problems that are presented to the population of our country, which on the other hand, supports the financing of the herself. With this objective in mind, doctors and other members of health teams and researchers from different disciplines at the national level were widely invited to present their experiences, data, proposals and scientific works.

It was held on August 27 and 28 of this year in the University City of the UNC with the presence of more than 160 participants from the provinces of Córdoba, Santa Fé, Buenos Aires, Neuquén, Santiago del Estero, Salta, Chaco , Between Rivers, Misiones and Catamarca; as well as six national universities

The organizing committee was made up of: Dr Medardo Ávila Vázquez, Coordinator of the Social Determinants of Health Module, FCM-UNC .; Dr. Ariel Depetris, Epidemiologist; Dr Gustavo Calzolari, Medical Advisory Commission of Bell Ville - Cba; Dr. Fernando Suarez, General Practitioner of UPAS Nuestro Hogar III; Dra. Betiana Cabrera Fasolis, Assigned Psychosocial Medicine Chair, UNC; and Dr. Raúl Nieto, UPAS General Physician Bº Ituzaingó Annex.

The Academic Committee was composed of: Prof. Dr. Carlos Note: Professor of Semiology (Medicine I), UNC; Dr. Carlos Presman: Professor of Internal Medicine, UNC; Prof. Daniel Quiroga: Professor of Pediatrics, UNC; Dr. Ricardo Fernández: Toxicologist. Professor of Pediatrics, UCC; Dra. Cecilia Marchetti, Coordinator of the Environmental Medicine Module, FCM-UNC. The event coordinators were Dr. Medardo Ávila Vázquez and Prof. Carlos Nota.

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