Come and see, .... the big sale !! Foreignization of the land

Come and see, .... the big sale !! Foreignization of the land

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By Ing. Agr. Daniel Carlos Besso

… ..Bravoooo!,… Long live the Dotor !!!!

They won't deny that it sounds GROSSA.

The one who says it concludes in a short silence, waiting for the applause or the rumors of assent from the audience ... ... And of course, ... he fumes like yawning in the frost.

But in the case of our ineffable politicians, of all the extractions, they speak very well, they tell us the things we want to hear, but later, when it comes to legislating, they go to the side of the moon, through the little gate that overlooks the pasture .

A verse… !!, as to put music on it… But put… what is said to PUT what should be put on top of the table, as Alfredo used to say: “MINGA!”.

In this matter of foreignisation of the earth, we are going round and round, because the political troupe lacks sufficient secretion of testosterone, ... do you understand me?

What are they afraid of? Does so much money run that it silences even the most jets?

Is it possible that it is not clearly understood that globalization is a relative verse?

Globalization is the commercial conceptualization, so that as far as possible, the goods circulate without drama, but we see that the same condition is not allowed for people. For merchandise YES, for people NO.

We cannot be so agile not to see the degree of desperation that is taking over the world markets for commodities, for raw materials, concrete goods.

Faced with the collapse of the financial scenarios, which are that ... scenarios where a fictional tragicomedy is interpreted, in which it is intended to convince humanity that those little papers are very valuable things. As scenarios that they are, they present a “set” with a mounted scenery, as when my old woman took me to see the wise men at Gath & Chaves. Finally, no matter how strong the painted cartons are, when the wind is very strong, they end up at m….

So what finally ends up happening? Even the hardest of understanding is enlivened and understands that what has true value are concrete things, ... and some of those concrete things are: beef, pork, chickens, eggs, milk, cheeses, fish that are increasingly scarce in the seas, etc., etc.,….

And how do you get those valuable things?….

Well, by producing them or raising them, feeding them corn, soybeans, barley, alfalfa, etc., etc.,….

And how are these things produced?, ... Growing them, ...

And where are there still good lands to do it? …… ..

In Argentina, ... a country at the southern end of the world, which luckily for foreigners, is a sparsely inhabited territory.

Not only is not territorially well occupied, but day by day, instead of dedicating themselves to producing meats, cheeses, sausages and salami; they leave rural areas to go down one more notch in production. They prioritize their farms, instead of producing more and more value added, they depopulate their fields and sow raw materials that the world demands, precisely to do what they stopped doing.

In that Argentine town, foreigners warn, their ruling classes, live contending for the position of "SUITABLE AUCTIONER OF THE NATIONAL HERITAGE." Surely the commissions have to be huge. Otherwise it would be incomprehensible.

Everything is so childishly obvious that it is embarrassing to think that Argentines do not realize it.

At the same time, these politicians talk to them trying to convince them that everything is going great, that capital must be attracted. Could it be that to deposit in Switzerland, you need Dollars or Euros?

It is seen that in the Cayman Islands they do not accept fixed terms in Argentine pesos either.

This is how they should see us from the outside….

It ends up being that the spectacle that we give to the world, of being a republiqueta in a state of permanent formation and decadence, we are not reliable, to be sure that we seriously the role of food producers. One day the political sign changes and all of a sudden we stop complying as suppliers of wheat, flour, etc., to our Brazilian neighbors, or we breach the contracts for the shipment of chilled meat to Russia (the containers already on the ship were lowered), or we leave the Hilton fee uncovered …….

Some shots into the air, ... some hunt, ... some "BARRILETE WITHOUT TAIL".

In these delusions, the world cannot afford to trust, so they come to the fields, to guarantee the production of what they need.

Luckily for them, we are so dominated that we let our leaders pave the way for foreign states to take possession of portions of our territory.

Imagine in a future that may not be so far away, that the Chinese grow wheat in the fields they have bought, harvest it and try to take it to them, and a "MORENO" from that time wants to ban it "to guarantee the table of the Argentines ”. They send us "a small" army corps on a Chinese scale, 3 million soldiers. To the MORENO of that supposed future they put such a volley on the fret that it will go into orbit.

It is not bad that Chinese come to settle in our country, at family scales, that they buy land and settle with their families or form one here. Little by little they will be integrated with the local population and will end up being what the Jewish gauchos of Gerchunoff were. These will be the " gauchinos”. That would not be a problem, I know that they are very industrious people, like the Koreans and Japanese. What it would be and is a problem, that the land is owned by legal and not physical persons (not to mention foreign states or powers).

The land must belong to someone. That someone must have a first and last name, ID number. If possible, have children to testify.

That someone has to generate an affective commitment to the soil they work on.

When productive land, capable of directly or indirectly feeding people, belongs to a legal person, a company, this affective issue disappears. The earth becomes a commodity for exchange and not a "place to live", with all that the word "live" represents. A living being is born, grows, develops, reproduces and dies; in human terms this is represented by settling in a place where you can raise your family and raise it. This presupposes an unavoidable commitment to conserving the soil as a food resource for that same family.

In contrast, companies can be sold, repossessed, etc., etc.

In reality, in this particular issue of the foreignization of land in our country, no particular law is needed. Only a confirmatory law of the National Constitution and its preamble.

We, the Representatives of the people of the Argentine Confederation, gathered in the General Constituent Congress by the will and election of the Provinces that compose it, in compliance with pre-existing pacts, in order to establish the national union, strengthen justice, consolidate inner peace , provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and ensure the benefits of freedom for us, for our posterity, and for all men of the world, of good will, who want to inhabit the Argentine soil: invoking the protection of God , source of all reason and justice: we order, decree and establish this Constitution for the Argentine Confederation.

Although the Preamble is not necessarily normative according to constitutional interpreters, it is more than clear that the Constitution that the constituents proposed to dictate in the mid-nineteenth century, should be framed in the intentions declared in it. By natural addition, the laws that came later could not oppose him in spirit either.

This paragraph is very clear as an invitation, putting as a condition:

… And for all the men of the world, of good will, who want to inhabit the Argentine soil:

1-) Let them be MEN, in the physical sense of the word, people of flesh and blood.

2-) Of good will, that is to say that they only came with the colonizing spirit in a personal capacity and

family, and not as representatives of a foreign power.

3-) Those who want to inhabit the Argentine soil, with all that the term "inhabit" entails, that is, to put down roots, form a family and have children born in this soil, which is the concrete way to take root.

Those of us who are descendants of immigrants and live with them, know what it is about. Those immigrants put their effort, sweat and blood on this soil, they rigorously complied with those conditions that the preamble demanded. We have shared their nostalgia for the land that they had to leave behind due to lack of horizon.

Today, the descendants of those who were before and before before, plus those who arrived in the last century, we cannot help but demand the same conditions from those who continue to arrive. In and of itself I don't think there is a place on earth that is so friendly hospitable,… ..but neither is nonsense… ..

Short and at the foot: foreigners yes, foreign companies no. Perhaps nationals either, they should simply nominate shareholders as shareholders, who can only sell to other natural persons, if they later want to work them as a unit, they will be fully entitled, or if they want to adopt any legal form for exploitation, but not for ownership, which in my opinion should be nominative.

Foreigners yes, but with a family or with a period to form and settle (live in the country most of the year for at least the next 25 years).

Ah! And with a limit to the surface in relation to the minimum economic unit (e.g .: no more than 5 or 6 economic units. (If you have enough money)

These conditions are much less restrictive than those of other countries.

That's why I tell you ... Fat .: Take your family out for a walk, let your kids know the country from end to end, they cannot know Miami and do not know San Juan, La Rioja, Catamarca or Salta. Come on, I put my hand in my pocket now that you sold that cage. What do you have in your bag, a yarará?

Remember that:



Ing. Daniel Carlos Besso

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