A World without Water. Documentary film

A World without Water. Documentary film

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This documentary broadcast by Odisea offers you a vision of the serious situation of access to water, through stories like that of Leno, a Bolivian who, despite living next to a treatment plant, is forced to walk long distances to get something of water. We will ask ourselves whether guaranteed access to water should be a universal right, at a time when it is becoming more and more a coveted raw material such as oil today.

This video shows a reality that we must take into account in a preferential way, in the first place that the problem of water has its origin in "privatization", this places us in the social position of being alert to avoid said private speculation, water does not It cannot and should not be privatized, the second thing that the documentary shows us is that local sources of water should not be exploited, because the local cycle of water resources is broken, we must preserve these resources from now on, and the third thing that shows us is that the companies that trade in water must be fought and regulated by the people, to prevent them from exploiting these resources.

Bechtel and Monsanto, two US companies, seek to privatize and control water in several countries, such as India, Bolivia and Mexico.

The Vivendi and Suez companies are taking over the world's water and controlling access to drinking water for more than 100 million people on the planet.

Original title: A world without water
Director: Brian Woods
Production: True Vision
Nationality: R.U
Duration: 49 minutes

Video: A World Without Water (July 2022).


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